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IF Adrift

I was already working on this picture, which is about the feeling you get sometimes being in a long distance relationship. The word adrift actually really captures that.

Here I was trying out the contrasting two colour style of the amazing illustrators Tomer and Asaf Hanuka. I love their work! You can see it here:


Sketches of Sydney

Maroubra Beach, Sydney

Chapel St, Melbourne

Firstly, apologies for the bad quality of the pictures, I’ll definitely be updating them when I get access to a better scanner (but I couldn’t wait to put them up!). Our old trooper of a scanner unfortunately isn’t compatible with the newer operating systems so I’m being forced to use a newer 3in1 which is pretty awful in comparison.

Meanwhile, these are a couple of sketches I did (a fair while ago) of my dear home Sydney (and Melbourne!). I wanted to put them up before I put up some of the sketches from my travels last year, which you’ll definitely be seeing soon!

IF Focused

This cheeky little mouse has a little bit of a death wish..

I’m trying a few different styles at the moment, I’m not really sure which direction I want to go with my illustration. At the moment I’ve been trying a bit of digital, but next time I think I’ll return to the old-fashioned way.

Quick IF Drawing : Clumsy

Quick drawing of a situation I am way too familiar with. The mug is never where you think you left it and always right under your foot.

00Chausettes – One Page Comic

A one page comic I drew as part of a Christmas present for my boyfriend about his cat Chausettes. This all makes more sense if you know he’s a magician. It (should) translate as

‘There was a stranger on 10 _______ /



It was/ (up) to/ her/

Riaow!/ But it had disappeared!

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