Fly Turtle : Brand Identity

On this blog post I’m going to run through my brand identity which which has been in process for about six weeks at uni.  I called it Fly Turtle mainly because when the mood hits me I morph into a flying turtle and very slowly hover out into the sunset. If you’re a cynic I called it Fly Turtle because I have been often compared to a turtle, when I’m doing nothing I tend to drift along, but of course, turtlelistic qualities are greatly under appreciated in business and I don’t want to convey the impression that I’m slow when I’m working. WHICH I’M NOT, I assure you possible employers.

Anyway, so went through heaps of variations on the logo till I came up with this shape which to me kinds of indicates a bit of movement, plus it’s quite simple, so in the interests of my illustration work it can be applied across a lot of busy imagery without loosing it’s integrity or muddling up the picture. Went through a few ideas for my ‘brand language’ until I came up with the simple format I came to here, and then I got to do the fun stuff like go out and touch paper in bad places. I also went to the hardware store to pick up these swatches of colour which really helped me in choosing what paper I was going to use. These are what make up my primary colours and my secondary colours, and the next picture I’ve uploaded is the first page of my style sheet (which is basically a rudimentary guide on how the brand identity – colours, logo, format – should be applied across any elements of a brand).

In this first image the colours go from various secondary colours for paper, to some secondary reds and blues, primary brown, primary paper colours, primary red and primary blue.

So then the next step was just to create the image that I was planning for identity, which incorporated the colours that I’d chosen and also the feeling and the look. So I went with a turtle in a hot air baloon, high up in the sky, going on an adventure. And then I applied this brand language and imagery across all the necessary elements that were required so far for this project (which if you look at the picture at the top include A4 envelope, standard size envelope, stationary paper, letterheads, business cards, CD case, and a compliments slip which is the one with the red logo – that’s the back but in my case it’s intended for promos and any other reason you might need to contact a client without needing a letterhead, and also some fun stickers for the envelopes.)

Here of course is the image on the business cards, obviously the funnest part of the entire exercise.

And I also wanted to quickly include the first booklet that we made to identify our look and feel descriptors. The five main words I can maybe identify as going for were Emotional, Imaginative, Colourful, Narrative and Fun. Here are a couple of picture of the booklet I made.

So there you are Zero2Illoers, I hope you might have benefited a little bit from reading this, and maybe have a bit of a clearer idea of where you’re heading with your own branding and marketing. I’m definitely going to be catching up on those illustrations during this extra week that luck has bought me. Please let me know if this did help you (or didn’t!)

Cheers 🙂

My cat is trying to make love to both me and my laptop.


2 Responses to “Fly Turtle : Brand Identity”

  1. 1 Loni Edwards May 24, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    Great post, Dinalie! This puts the exercise in a little more perspective for me. Thank you for posting!

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